The ZPUE Capital Group contains power sector companies. In Europe we are a reliable and modern supplier. To achieve that we not only produce – we create. For example we recently created is 3d technical animation. The key trade of the Group is medium and low voltage switchgear. We make our products in Gliwice, and they include: thermoset casing, cable connectors, measuring connectors, street lighting cabinets, electrical switchboards, cable and area lighting connectors. As you can see our clients are energy companies, industrial plants and wholesalers of electrical equipment.


POWERTECH provides all the data about the new busbar product. The purpose of the case study is to show how busbar works. To do that we have built a detailed preview using 3D modeling.

Customer requirements

Medium and low voltage switchgear is a part of the transformer station equipment. A a result our company designed a large busbar product. We use modern technology. As a result busbar product POWERTECH is the best example of this. We provide customers with precise project details. Thanks to that they can show unique features of their products to clients.

Challenges related to the project with which we had to deal with

We faced many challenges during this project. Because of this our team not only had to create a 3d technical animation of Top mounted MX1200®. They also had to show the key functions of the product. Therefore the project contained a number of elements. Also, we had to pay close attention to details. As a result we created a 3D model of our product.

The main assumptions that were to be presented through product animation

The new busbar product POWERTECH was created at the same time. This solution allows you to prepare elements and standard modules and connect in the desired lengthts of busbar. As a result the amount of errors is reduced. Also, delivery and installation time got shorter.

How can you approach product animation systems?

After analyzing customer’s needs, we met a lot of challenges.

To approach those we created a special team. Therefore we gathered experienced 3D model designers and a team leader. His job is to look after the quality of the project. In addition our team received the key info which helped in successfull work on the project. Thanks to that the animation fulfilled it’s task. A perfect 3D model that shows best features of our product. We achieved that using lighting and texturing. Also we used refined camera movement. After the team finished their work we ran many quality controls. Only after those we sent the results to our clients. As you can see we are a service provider that leaves the comfort zone and  works for customer satisfaction.

The result of the project

In conclusion, we were able to meet customers requirements, without sacrificing quality.