Zelmer is the largest and best-known Polish producer of small home appliances. The company has a large share in the sale of home appliances not only in Poland, but also on foreign markets, exporting its products to 35 countries around the world. The Group’s annual revenues exceed PLN 600 million. The scale of action is so gigantic. Among the offered devices are, among others kitchen appliances such as blenders, grinders, juicers, kitchen robots, as well as microwave ovens and irons. A special place in the brand’s portfolio is occupied by vacuum cleaners, over the years the Zelmer brand has become a synonym for this category.

Zelmer is not only one of the most recognizable, native brands. Its dynamic development goes hand in hand with reliability, functionality and classic design of manufactured equipment, which translates into success in acquiring the small household appliances market. From 2013, the Zelmer brand is part of the global BSH group.


The product of Zelmer Aquawelt is full of explanations regarding the operation of the Zelmer Aquawelt vacuum. The objective of the case study is to show that functionality and efficient operation based on modern technology are the main characteristics of the Zelmer Aquawelt vacuum cleaner.
The case study contains a detailed representation using 3D modeling, the operation of Zelmer Aquawelt and its construction.

Customer requirements
Zelmer is the largest and best-known Polish producer of small home appliances. The company has 35 companies around the world. Zelmer asked to create a 3D animation for a product that is a Zelmer Aquawelt vacuum cleaner, with particular reference to its unique elements such as HEPA filters, a specialist water container. For many years Zelmer has been climbing the ladder of success, noting successive victories. Zelmer implements modern technological solutions thanks to which it excels in the sector of household products. All thanks to the use of state-of-the-art solutions to work in their favor and to take a leading position in the industry of producers of small home appliances.

This solution enables the customer to provide his clients with comprehensive and precise project details, unique features and functional capabilities of their products in order to increase market share.

Challenges related to the project with which we had to deal
Specialists faced many challenges during the project. The customer was interested in providing the most detailed information about the product. The team not only had to provide the most accurate representation of the Zelmer Aquawelt virtual vacuum cleaner using a 3D model, close to its counterparts, but also to strengthen the key functions, emphasizing the best possible demonstration of product functionality. The project contained a number of functions, including functional elements, functions and advantages. That’s why the team had to be extremely attentive and pay close attention to details to show the aspects related to each project with profound precision. Capturing the 3D rendering model was particularly important. The sequence of images perfectly illustrated the product, and thanks to the lighting and texturing the movements of the camera reflected the entire significance of the product’s usability.

How can you approach product animation systems and meet challenges?
After analyzing customer requirements, thanks to experience in implementing many difficult projects in 3D modeling services, he developed the following approach to meet the challenges of:
a special project team was created, consisting of experienced 3D model designers and a team leader entrusted with the task of managing the team and monitoring the quality of the project,
the team also received the required support in the form of key information that helped successfully implement the project,
thanks to a great job, which included rendering of a perfect 3D model and showing its best features through lighting and texturing, as well as thoughtful and refined camera movement, the sequence of images has fulfilled its task,
The final version of the project has been subjected to many quality controls before being sent for review and review of clients

As a service provider focused on the customer, we leave our comfort zones and constantly strive for customer satisfaction.

Main features of the emphasis on creating the product animation of Zelmer Aquawelt:
collectingliquids and cleaning floor tiles (the universal vacuum cleaner is equipped with a special suction nozzle that removes dirt and collects spilled liquids from floor tiles),
washing carpets and upholstery,
vacuuming with a water filter (vacuuming the container with water means that you do not worry about buying sacks.) After finishing vacuuming, just pour out the dirty water and rinse the container so that the vacuum cleaner stays hygienically clean.

The result of the project
Because our team was very proficient in creating 3D product animation, we were able to implement the project according to customer requirements, without sacrificing quality or schedule saved by the customer.