When we want to promote a product and aquaint clients with its benefits we should invest in video explainer – a film, which points at products advantages from using it and its dominance over the other competitors.

Video explainer – for who?
That kind of product film – video explainer is produced in order to tell a story about it. Video explainer can promote a product on its own or can be a part of a larger marketing company. The benefits from thist kind of production could have more than one track, mainly the sales aspect, because this film makes clients closer to the brand. Video explainer has a lot wider range. It allows to keep the maintenance or even to built the whole image of a brand, which invests in that kind of productions. It could be a advertisement, which is used in different media, for exapmle the Web advertisement.

Simple Frame – producer video explainer
Based in Warsaw, studio Simple Frame creates every kind of animations and commercial films, including video explainers. Our films are effective and generate profits. An attractive form of video explainer allows to attract attention, which makes a wider range a lot. Years of experience and a team of specialists from film industry ensures success of our productions.