Technical animation is often created material for companies that deal with industrial production, use technologies and want to share knowledge about them or achievements with recipients. Technical animation is usually made in 3D technology, which very realistically shows the details and better approximates the smallest elements, thanks to which the product or technology is presented much better. Technical animation is an excellent tool for showing even the most complex technological processes.

Sciton ClearSilk product animation, eliminate the minor imperfections and effectively influence skin revitalization with non-ablative solution without ClearSilk 3D modeling downtime in providing exceptional services to clients focused on aesthetic medicine treatments.

Customer requirements

The client is a recognized company dealing in the design and production of commercial lasers adapted to aesthetic medicine treatments. Sciton ClearSilk asked to create 3D animations for products according to their unique design elements. Although in recent years it was one of the first companies in the niche, their activity is systematically growing, because Sciton implements modern technological solutions, thanks to which they excel in the laser products industry for aesthetic medicine.

All thanks to the use of state-of-the-art solutions to work in their favor and to take the lead in the industry of laser manufacturers for aesthetic medicine. This solution enables the customer to provide his customers with comprehensively meticulous and effective project details, unique features and functional capabilities of their products in order to increase market share.

Challenges related to the project that we had to deal with.

Specialists faced many challenges during the project. The customer was interested in providing the most detailed information about the product. The team not only had to provide the most accurate virtual laser reproduction using the 3D model, close to its counterparts, but also to strengthen key features with an emphasis on the best possible product demonstration of the functionality. The project contained a number of functions, including functional elements, functions and advantages.

That’s why the team had to be extremely attentive and pay close attention to details to show the aspects related to each project with profound precision. The capture of the 3D rendering model was particularly important. The sequence of images perfectly illustrated the product and thanks to the lighting and texturing, the camera movements gave away the whole essence of the product’s usability.How could product animation systems approach and meet challenges?After analyzing customer requirements, thanks to experience in implementing many difficult projects in 3D modeling services, he developed the following approach to meet the challenges of:A special project team was created, consisting of experienced 3D model designers and a team leader entrusted with the task of managing the team and monitoring the quality of the project,the team also received the required support in the form of key information that helped successfully implement the project,thanks to a great job, which included the rendering of a perfect 3D model and showing its best features with the help of lighting and texturing as well as well thought-out and refined camera movement, the sequence of images was up to its task,the final version of the project has been subjected to multiple quality controls before being sent for review and review of clientsAs a service provider focused on the customer, we leave our comfort zones and constantly strive for customer satisfaction.The result of the projectBecause our team was extremely proficient in creating 3D product animation, we were able to meet and implement the project in accordance with customer requirements, without sacrificing the quality or the schedule saved by the client. The association with MAP systems has helped the customer save over 63% of costs while maintaining better quality standards.