Simple Frame team has been in film business since 2001. Each one of us subordinated the whole education and career to dreams – making movies. So now you can use our experience for your own visions. We are with camera in the studio, at the open air, in the water and in the air – everywhere you want us to. Your virtual plans, with use of the newest technologies, will be made by our animation and compositing department. We will make your film in High Definition or 4K. Our film directors, operators, screenwriters, dron pilots, and production supervisors – our the most precious assets – will build your success.

We will lead your project through all of the production’s levels. Together we will create a scenario based on your promotional purposes. Depending on your needs, we choose the most relevant form for your film. It could be the 2D or 3D animations, video films or the mixing of all of them, but you can be sure that the images will be high – quality, vibrant and unforgettable. Our portfolio includes productions for both domestic and international markets in television and feature film. We have tonnes of experience in overseas co-productions. Our backbone is a team of young and talented artists and technicians driven by a passion for creativity with technology, at every stage of the production.

Especially we will take care of the post production which refers to the processes taking place after filming is complete. It involves editing, rendering and the addition of visual effects and computer graphics. Simple Frame team designs and delivers high quality creative editorial in either: 2D and 3D graphics, color correction…etc.

We are ready to bring your project into the world of professional animation and video film.