Product animation 2D – E Containers

Product animation as an alternative approach to film.

Animation is progressively becoming a substitute for traditional film, finding new applications in diverse fields. It’s no surprise that there’s a constant emergence of new software, gadgets, and equipment to facilitate this. These tools enable designers to engage in highly creative work. Animation also offers a unique and compelling way for many companies to promote their products and services, especially when other methods may fall short. Product animation is an excellent solution, as demonstrated by the company E-Containers.

E-Containers operates an online exchange for freight forwarders and carriers. This platform consolidates both service providers and clients in one place, streamlining the management of container cargo transportation. It’s an efficient solution that benefits all parties involved, allowing for prompt responses to listings, easy communication, and time-saving conveniences.

product animation

At Simple Frame Studio, we designed and produced a 2D animation that elegantly and visually conveys the essence of the platform. In this instance, product animation was the optimal choice. Not every concept can be effectively communicated through film, making animation a fitting alternative. The narrator during the animation describes current scenarios while we also added subtitles to ensure clarity and completeness in detailing every aspect. This animation serves as material for websites, social media, and as an addition to business offerings. Most importantly, it elucidates the functioning of the exchange and highlights the benefits it brings.