Innovation and experience Formaster is the first and only Polish company producing water filtering jugs. It employs approximately 240 specialists, has its own research and development center, laboratory, production lines, highly specialized machinery park and technical and production facilities. Progress and modernity are the key elements that form the foundation of the company.

Over 30 years of operation allowed them to develop unique solutions and gain extensive experience in the production of electric instantaneous water heaters, as well as containers for vacuum food and jugs storage and water bottles with water purification filters. Design The purpose of the product animation created at the request of the Formaster customer and was to present a new product – a water jug with a special Mg + water filter, which simultaneously purifies the water and enriches it with magnesium ions.Customer requirements Formaster asked to create the product animation for one of the new products. The product was a magnesium water filter, which was created for people who want to improve the quality of tap water and make it perfect for drinking. Pure water, thanks to the Dafi MG + water filter, is the best alternative for bottled water. Magnesium makes the water taste better and make it healthier. The Dafi MG + water filter has a specific construction that provides filtered water with unique properties. It was showed on the 3D modelling product animation. This information was to be passed to the recipient of product animation. In recent years, Formaster, producing, among others, Dafi water filters, is gaining more and more popularity, and its activity is systematically developed. This solution provides customers with a very good and effective project. Challenges related to the project with which we had to deal Specialists faced many challenges during the project. The customer was interested in providing detailed information about the product. The 3D modeling product animation of the Dafi MG + filter construction had to be presented in a very detailed but interesting way to impress the recipients. The project contained a number of objectives, including a detailed presentation of functional elements, functions and benefits of the Dafi MG + filter for people. Therefore, the team had to deal with in-depth precision – but it had in its ranks experienced laboratory technicians whose information helped to detail the environment and the product itself. Capturing the 3D model was especially important. The sequence of images is reflected in the product. How were animation systems created and challenges met? After analyzing customer requirements, product animation with 3D model of product was undertaken. A special design team was created, run on the basis of an experienced model, which also received all relevant information about the product. The final version of the project has been subjected to quality assessment. Thanks to the enthusiasm and great work, we managed to meet the client’s requirements. As a service provider focused on the customer, we leave our comfort zones and constantly strive for customer satisfaction. The result of the project Because our team was very proficient in creating 3D animations, we were able to meet and complete the project in accordance with the client’s requirements.