3D Animations – Enter to the world of unique animations!

The world of animation

We create the most advanced 3d animations for our individual and corporate clients, as well as for TV Networks, Advertising and PR Agencies. The technique we use in our productions is a well toned blend between 3D animation and a motion picture material. By using the latest software we are able to create even the most complicated animation. The world of animation removes barriers in between your imagination and something you want to see on the screen. We will bring your ideas to life making product in an exact way you want it to be seen. We can offer you an animation in 2D or for those who want to step further, 3D animation. We are working on video editing kits such as offline Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere or online Blackmagic Fusion. To adjust colors we use DaVinci Resolve 18. We make an animations on softwares such as Lightwave, Blender or Maya. Just tell us how you see your idea and we will show it to you.

How is a 3D animation created ?

Our extensive experience and team of experts ensure a result that meets your expectations. We begin the process of creating 3D animations by discussing with the client or developing the best possible idea, which forms the basis of the script. Just like in any short advertising piece, the concept must make the entire project stand out from other similar animations and films. Only an excellent idea and top-notch execution of the 3D animation will result in a complete, appealing, and effective piece of work. The creation of 3D animations is conducted in close collaboration with clients, saving everyone’s time and ensuring the outcome aligns with the intended goals.

Why and how to use 3D animations?

By utilizing software such as Blender, Lightwave, and Maya, we are capable of creating any 3D animation, no matter how complex. We consult with clients at every stage to ensure the final product meets their expectations. Regardless of its purpose, a 3D animation must be technically perfect and effectively fulfill its marketing, advertising, or instructional role. The equipment available at Simple Frame allows us to create cutting-edge 3D animations.

We will refine your idea, propose our own concepts, and collaboratively craft a perfect artistic and marketing effect. The 3D animation we prepare for your company can be used across various media, making it a cost-effective and one-time investment.”

3d animations