Post production refers to the processes which takes place after filming is complete. It involves editing, rendering and the addition of visual effects and computer graphics if appropriate, before the film is considered finished. SimpleFrame team designs and delivers high quality creative editorial in either: 2D and 3D graphics, color correction…etc.

Our portfolio includes productions for both domestic and international markets in television and feature film. We have tonnes of experience in overseas co-productions.

Without color correction a scene may have a mix of various colors. Applying color correction in front of light sources can alter the color of the various light sources to match. Mixed lighting can produce an undesirable aesthetic when displayed on a television or in a film.

Conversely, color correction may also be used to make a scene appear more natural by simulating the mix of color temperatures that occur naturally. Color correction may also be used to tint lights for artistic effect. Typically, the post-production phase of creating a film takes longer than the actual shooting of the film, and can take several months to complete. Our backbone is a team of young and talented artists and technicians driven by a passion for creativity with technology, at every stage of the production.